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3 Ideas for a Memorable Mother’s Day (+ Healthy Recipes)


Don’t let having to stay mostly indoors this year put a damper on Mother’s Day! You can still make mom feel incredibly special and loved by treating her to some quality bonding time and healthy indulgences, all from the comfort of home!

Check out some of our recommendations, below, for a memorable Mother’s Day with your mom, or a special mom figure in your life. If you don’t live near your mom, (or you’re being extra careful by keeping your distance from each other right now), consider having some planned virtual face-to-face time together instead! You can still choose one, or all three of the ideas below and do them together – even if you’re in different places!

3 Ways to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

1) Cook a Healthy Brunch

protein pancakes on wooden countertop

Even if you can’t dine out at mom’s favorite restaurant this year, you may have even more fun at home, exploring a variety of healthy, fresh foods together! Plus, you’ll avoid the inevitable crowds that would have formed today if we weren’t in the middle of a quarantine.

So, go ahead and embrace the comfort of your own home and kitchen… We have some suggestions for healthy and nutritious, yet extremely enjoyable recipes that will make your day both special and delicious! Not only is cooking with mom great bonding time, but there’s an incredible sense of satisfaction in creating something together, and then getting to share the joy of the finished result.

Plus… everyone loves brunch! So get out your pots, pans, and blender, and try these guilt-free, super-delicious recipes…

Guilt-Free Mother's Day Brunch Ideas:

And, while you’re whipping up any or ALL of the above, make sure you make this 310 "Mimosa" Recipe, with hydrating 310 Lemonade! It has big and fruity, tropical flavor, but is also made healthier by the freshly juiced orange – and the fact that it doesn’t contain lots of added sugar or artificial sweeteners!

310 Lemonade "Mimosa" Recipe

Homemade Refreshing Orange Mimosa Cocktails with Champagne

Serves: 2



Fill a large glass pitcher with ice, and then add the sparkling water, freshly juiced orange and optional champagne. Add in the contents of 1 stick of 310 Pineapple Mango Lemonade – stir and enjoy! Add an orange slice to each champagne glass for added aesthetic appeal for your brunch display!

2)  Do a “Mom and Me” Workout

women balancing and practicing yoga in studio

Next, another healthy and rewarding thing you can do with mom on her special day is exercise together! Not just a regular workout, but one that you can help each other with so that you can motivate each other, and feel equally accomplished.

Not only are there some great partner exercises in the fitness routine we have for you, below, but if the weather allows for it, feel free to take your workout outside! Start off with a nice brisk walk with mom, so you can also get in some talking time, while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. Getting outdoors with fresh air and being surrounded by trees and nature can also really help during this time of social isolation.

Then, pick a spot to do the following “mom and me” strength training workout, designed by one of our 310 Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers. The best part is that you can take the completely portable 310 Gym kit with you, for wherever you choose to do your strength training routine – either at home, the beach, a park or somewhere else.

Mom and Me Workout Routine

In the following exercise routine, let mom go first by running through an entire set of all the exercises, doing as many of each one as she wants. Then, you go next, choosing the number of each exercise you want to do as well. Take the entire thing at your own pace and don’t rush… You both should have lots of fun with this!

*We also recommend that you do all of the exercises on a 310 Yoga Mat, or any yoga mat, to protect your joints while getting physical, and giving yourself a nice, comfortable and cushiony surface wherever you are! The 310 Yoga Mat is extra thick and soft, so it creates a very nice workout space – plus it rolls up and has a convenient carrying handle!

1. Partner Facing Air Squats (holding hands)

    Face your mom and hold hands, then squat down with your knees just slightly over your toes and the weight of your body behind you, then stand back up again.

    Optional: Add a 310 Circle Band to your thighs to make the exercise harder and work your leg muscles even more.

    2. Partner Plank with Hop-Over

      In this exercise, one of you holds a plank position while the other hops over the person planking, back and forth.

      Optional: The person planking can add a 310 Circle Band around their wrists to create more tension and work the arm muscles even more. The wider you place your arms, the harder it will be!

      3. Partner Sit-Ups

        Next, one of you will hold the feet of the person doing the sit-ups to create an “anchor” for them so they can’t move around.

        4. Partner Facing Planks with Alternating High-Five

          Do a plank on the ground with mom doing a plank right in front of you, facing each other - then give each other alternating high fives while keeping the other hand on the ground!

          5. Partner Single-Leg Press

            Almost done! In this next exercise, one person lays on the ground with their arms spread out and bends one of their legs with the foot firmly planted on the ground. The other leg is bent with the foot in the air. The other person will lay the weight of their body onto that foot, and the person on the ground should “press” up, using the laying person as a weight.

            6. Oblique Ball Pass (with yoga ball)

              In this last exercise, stand side-by-side with your mom and take turns passing this 310 Yoga Ball, (or any ball you have), while twisting your body to the side to work your obliques.

              Repeat all of the above and make sure there’s lots of laughing involved!

              3) Make a Healthy Dessert Recipe

              almond joy shake

              Finally, after you’ve gotten in your workout, it surely wouldn’t be a celebration without a dessert… and the great news is that you can still indulge in all your favorite “sinful” cravings –whether it be chocolaty, fruity, salty-sweet, or nutty – with these nutritious "dessert" recipes!


              From all of us at 310, we hope you and your mom, or the special mom figure in your life, have a truly enjoyable, healthy and satisfying Mother’s Day! And, don't forget to let us know which activities you do this Mother's Day, in the comments below!

              For more nutrition tips and recipes for your healthy lifestyle, check out the 310 Nutrition Blog!

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