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310 Recap: What You Missed in 2021!

With just a few days left in 2021, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all of the exciting things that have happened this year with an “end-of-the-year-roundup!”

We want to make sure you didn’t miss any of the excitement, as you still have a chance to get in on it! Not to mention that we’re sure you have lofty new year’s resolutions (we know we do!), and the products we’re about to go over just may be the perfect items to help you conquer your goals in 2022.

At 310, we’re not just a company, we are a family-like community! We always listen to your feedback before developing a new product, and we use the best and most innovative ingredients in our formulas.

Let’s take a look at what all of that innovation created in 2021, and there will even be some sneak peaks on what’s ahead for you next year at 310!

First...Six New Shake Flavors

310 Vanilla Cake 

Let’s start this drumroll with everyone’s sweet tooth dream, a shake that tastes like luscious, buttery vanilla cake! In partnership with JWoww, 310 brought this shake to life, which has an ultra-creamy, cake-like taste and consistency, with the perfect amount of sweetness – that makes you think you’re savoring a piece of indulgent vanilla cake!

Check out these recipes featuring 310 Vanilla Cake!

310 Chocolate Icing

Next, how about some chocolate icing on that cake?! In partnership with Jack Carpinello, we bring you the taste of rich and chocolaty, perfectly-sweet and smooth chocolate icing. It has the perfect amount of addictive icing flavor and also really hits the spot for cocoa lovers.

Check out these recipes featuring 310 Chocolate Icing!

310 Shamrock Cream

Next, in March we launched 310 Shamrock Cream Shake! For all of you leprechaun-obsessing, festive green drink lovers, this totally satisfies your desire for a special treat, while containing all wholesome ingredients. It has undertones of ultra-creamy vanilla, with just the right amount of minty green flavor.

While 310 Shamrock Cream was a seasonal flavor, you may see it again in the coming year! In the meantime, check out 310 Peppermint Swirl to get your fix of ultra-creamy vanilla and minty goodness! Plus, the recipes below will taste just as yummy with Peppermint Swirl!

Check out these recipes featuring 310 Shamrock Cream!

310 Horchata Shake

Next, if you’ve never had a traditional horchata drink, now is the time to try it in a healthy, whole food form! The 310 version of Horchata tastes like a sugary treat, with the taste of creamy sweetened milk, and notes of cinnamon and additional warm spices, while containing no added sugar and all plant-based ingredients.

Check out these recipes featuring 310 Horchata Shake!

310 Cookies 'n Cream

Next, you asked and we listened! As Cookies n’ Cream was the most requested flavor by the 310 Community, bringing the traditional taste of crunchy Oreo cookies to a creamy, rich and indulgent base. And making anything you add it to more dessert-like, instantly.

Check out these recipes featuring 310 Cookies 'n Cream!

310 S'mores

This shake features the beloved taste of melted cocoa, ooey-gooey marshmallow, and crunchy graham cracker in this classic flavor explosion that makes you feel like you’re sitting out by the bonfire. It’s both incredibly simple and incredibly delicious!

Check out these recipes featuring 310 S'mores!

Two New Immune Boosting Supplements

We all know that maintaining strong immune defenses and keeping up with great wellness has never been as important on the whole as it is right now – and that includes keeping your immune system in the best shape possible. Let’s take a look at these powerhouse products to help you feel your best all year…

310 Immune Support

This supplement that we launched in 2021 harnesses the power of 10 incredibly powerful “medicinal mushrooms” known to be high in antioxidants and help support increased immunity and bodily defenses. You can learn more about 310 Immune Support and functional mushrooms here!

Learn more about 310 Immune Support here!

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Next, there’s a good chance you had never heard of black cumin seed oil until you saw it on the 310 site this year, but here’s a reminder of just how awesome this product is for health, wellness, and your weight loss goals.

This mega-oil is packed with powerful nutrients, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, all supporting youthfulness, health, and vitality. And it may even help you with your ultimate weight management goals!

Learn more about 310 Black Cumin Seed Oil here!

New Water Enhancers

Next, let’s talk about our 310 water enhancers and the new updates that happened with them this year! First, what are water enhancers?! These are innovative powered products that you easily mix into water or another beverage! They give amazing flavor and also offer multiple benefits like helping with hydration, energy, pH balance, concentration, a healthy metabolism, appetite control, keeping your sweet tooth under control, and more!

310 Hydrates

Starting with 310 Hydrates, this was a brand-new product in 2021, that’s so versatile and can really be used to help not only with weight loss but also simply maintaining great health on a daily basis. The superpower of 310 Hydrates is it helps greatly enhance hydration! By adding just one yummy and invigorating packet to your water, the electrolyte minerals greatly enhance hydration within your body – so you don’t need to drink nearly as much water to stay ultra-hydrated.

Being dehydrated is a top reason that many people reach for unhealthy snacks and eat more food and calories than necessary. There are also many circumstances where its easier to get dehydrated… like after a night out, when you travel, or after a workout.

310 Hydrates make it easy to stay as hydrated as you need to, to feel your best in mind and body.  Learn how you can recover with 310 Hydrates here!

New 310 Lemonade Formula

Next, our 310 Lemonades also received a makeover this year, with new ingredients and an exciting mix of new flavors! We added apple cider vinegar into this new formula, to assist with good digestion and pH balance in the body, also supporting overall gut health.

Each packet now has only has 5 calories per serving, and real lemon crystals included for unmatched, real lemony taste. And, we swapped the sweetener, maltodextrin, for plant-based Stevia, to make each packet even better for balanced blood sugar levels and controlling your sweet tooth.

As for the flavors, the new line-up includes a past flavor favorite, Watermelon, along with Kiwi Strawberry and Ginger Cayenne. Instead of reaching for a sugary soda or fruity, ultra-sugary drink, these lemonades can be used to bring you a delicious beverage that still hydrates and helps you crush your weight loss goals.

Learn more about the NEW 310 Lemonade Formula here!

New 310 Shake Boosters

Next, we added some exciting “shake boosters” to our line-up of innovative, health-promoting products. While these next items that we added in 2021 taste amazing on their own, help to replenish the body of vital nutrients, and support greater energy levels, vitality, and youthfulness, they also add an exciting punch of flavor and immense benefits to every shake you mix them into.

310 Apple Banana Greens

If you’re familiar with 310 Berry Juice, you know that it supplies 70+ superfoods in every serving, helping you fortify your body and promote optimal health, with super-nutritious fruits and veggies that you may not be getting enough of in your diet.

With this new flavor addition, you get the many detoxifying, energizing, and revitalizing benefits of 310 Juice in an absolutely delicious, sweet apple-banana flavor that’s simply irresistible.

It makes the ideal drink to enjoy any time of day to give you a refreshing boost of antioxidant and nutrient-packed deliciousness, or add it to your next smoothie!

Learn more about Apple Banana Greens and check out this Apple Banana Smoothie recipe!

310 Reds

Our next smoothie booster is another new addition to our line of 310 Juices – but this time it’s an invigorating mix of health-promoting red fruits – known for supporting heart health, a healthy brain and mood, digestive health, and more.

Support longevity, vitality, and boosted immunity with this exciting super-blend of ingredients including deep red fruits and veggies like strawberry, cranberry, acai, raspberry, beet root, pomegranate, and tomato. 310 Reds has a deep red, black cherry flavor when mixed into water, or add a scoop to your next smoothie!

Learn more about 310 Reds and check out this Winter Berry Smoothie!

Sour Apple Collagen

Next, our unflavored 310 Collagen Powder got a makeover this year, with a creamier, easier-to-mix texture and additions for your healthiest appearance. These new ingredients include hyaluronic acid and resveratrol – supporting soft and youthful skin; a moisturized scalp and radiant hair; strong nails and more.

We also added a flavor to the line-up: Sour Apple Collagen! We created this flavor based on feedback from the 310 Community - and after many rounds of flavor testing, it does not disappoint! It has the perfect punch of sweet and slightly-tangy, mouth puckering goodness in every sip.

It makes a super-yummy addition to your 310 Shake smoothies, with its burst of tantalizing flavor. The collagen also now has additional nutrients – vitamins C, D, and E – supporting stronger immunity, soft and supple skin, and a boost in your body’s defenses.

Check out this Sour Apple Green Slushee featuring this latest product!

Growing the 310 Community

In 2021, it wasn’t just about the incredible innovation in our products, it was also about our expanding 310 Family, and all the new members that are now climbing towards their goals.

Just this year alone, we added 29,000+ members to the 310 Community! A big part of who we are at 310 is focused around helping to make YOU better and supporting you in reaching your goals every day. Which is why the expansion of the Community is just as important as the products we have created to help you along the way.

By being part of our Community, you can get the daily support you need from others on their own journeys, and together you can truly soar into the next year and conquer your greatest health and weight loss dreams and aspirations.


More exciting news for the 310 Community: We launched our 310 App this year! And so many of you are taking advantage of it as a one-stop location for everything 310: Community posts, access to 310 Health Coaches, a hub for recipes and other information, and more!

Currently, there are 26,396 members in the 310 App!

Within this app, we also hosted 4 challenges this year to really help all of you get motivated and succeed. We had over 11,000 members participate in these challenges and used all of your feedback to make the experience better and better.

We got such great responses from these challenges that we know they will be a vital part of our strategy to help you succeed in the new year! In fact, we have a challenge going on right now… Kickstart your 2022 with this 30 Day Challenge!

That About Wraps It Up!

Ready to start looking and feeling your best in the new year?! It all starts with the right mindset and then the right tools to help you get there… Stay tuned for more exciting new products coming up at 310, to help you be the best version of yourself in 2022.

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