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10 Benefits of Adding Meal Replacement Shakes to Your Diet

When you think of meal replacement shakes, do you think of protein shakes and 90’s diet culture? Not anymore. Meal replacement shakes are so much more than a tasty, convenient way to lose weight — though they’re perfect for that too. 

Meal replacement shakes are convenient, complete healthy meals you can grab while on-the-go to get the nutrients you need to feel good and stay full. Here are 10 intriguing ways a meal replacement shake can be the best sidekick for the healthy, active lifestyle you want to live…

1: Quick, Nutritious Meal 

The best part about a meal replacement shake is that it’s virtually effortless. For weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, we recommend replacing two regular meals per day with a shake. No more rushing out the door to work and realizing you forgot to pack a wholesome, balanced lunch – now that is already covered.

310 Shakes are not only incredibly delicious, but also incredibly satisfying and will help keep you full. You can even enjoy them as snacks in between meals so you don’t raid the work vending machine out of hunger! 

In short, with a 310 Nutrition meal replacement shake, you don’t have to stress about your meals. We’ve done the work and the research so you can meet your goals and get the nutrients you need!

2: Yummy Taste

Let me start by saying that not all meal replacement shakes are created equal… you will definitely find some that are lacking in the taste department. But at 310, we know how much great taste matters when it comes to your shakes, and we deliver! Now, you can even find fun, mouthwatering flavors such as Horchata and Salted Caramel. With so many flavor options, it’s hard to get bored.

Plus, there are SO many recipes to inspire you, such as:

Do your taste buds a flavor and try them all!

3: Ultra-Satisfying

If you’ve ever spent time counting calories, you know how quick they can add up! Before you know it, you’ve used up your calorie “budget” for the day! Believe it or not, research shows that we’re pretty bad at estimating how many calories foods contain. And when we chronically underestimate how many calories we eat, it adds up quickly to pounds on the scale. 

A meal replacement shake helps solve this problem by:

  • Giving you an accurate calorie count
  • Providing a nourishing, satiating source of protein

On average, the best meal replacement shakes contain around 100 calories per serving and plenty of protein, fiber, and essential micronutrients. So, when you’re hungry and on-the-go, you can simply mix up your meal replacement shake for a low-calorie meal. Or, you can make your own unique smoothie creations with a blender…and psst, you can even do THAT on-the-go with this travel BlendJet!

4: Complete Nutrition 

Often, the worst meal decisions come down to one thing: convenience. For many people, breakfast gets skipped at least a few days a week. Plus, we may choose our food based on what’s quick and available instead of what would actually nourish our bodies. 

Meal replacement shakes solve both scenarios. They’re effortlessly easy to make and offer complete nutrition. You can whip together a meal replacement shake with a few simple ingredients and a blender. Or, just powder, water, and a blender bottle.

Each 310 meal replacement shake has all the macro- and micronutrients you need for a complete meal. You have something you can take on-the-go while still getting all the nutrition you need.

5: Improve Your Balance of Macronutrients

The food we eat is made up of three main categories: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Getting the right ratio of these macronutrients in your diet is a huge factor in how quickly you might lose weight and whether or not you’re able to keep it off.

If you’ve ever kept track of where your calories come from, you know how difficult it can be getting that ratio right – especially protein! A good meal replacement shake is a macronutrient ninja, upping your protein without too many carbs or sugars.

6: Painless Way to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Sadly, many Americans struggle to eat enough fruits and veggies. Meal replacement shakes are a great way to sneak more fruit, and even veggies, into your diet without really noticing – you’re only limited by your imagination in what flavors you can combine! 

There are lots of delicious recipes available, many of which even include leafy greens you can barely taste. Look for recipes that include fibrous veggies along with fruits. While fruit is healthy, it’s also easy to overdo it in a smoothie. Choose fruits lower on the glycemic scale and add veggies with fiber that will help slow the absorption of sugar in your body.

We offer tons of tested and reviewed recipe suggestions that are healthy and delicious!

7: Increase Intake of Important Micronutrients

Meal replacement shakes aren’t protein shakes. When you choose one of the best meal replacement shakes, you’re choosing to drink something that has all the nutrients and calories of a complete meal. When you’re trying to reduce your calorie intake, it can be difficult to get all the micronutrients you need. Choosing a meal replacement shake that’s fortified with vitamins and minerals can help you do that.

Some research shows that Americans are chronically deficient in micronutrients, especially iron, B vitamins, and Vitamin D. Many of these important micronutrients can be absorbed through natural foods such as fruits, veggies, and proteins like fish, beef, and poultry. 

With a whole foods meal replacement shake every day mixed with fresh fruit, veggies, or a smoothie booster, you’ll automatically be getting more of the nutrients you need straight from the source. A meal replacement shake that’s fortified is a great way to get the nutrients you need while cutting back on calories.

8: Long-Lasting, Shelf Stable Meal Option

While it might sound simple, one of the major benefits of meal replacement shake powders is that they have a long shelf life. 

On average, 310 Nutrition’s meal replacement powders have a twelve-month shelf life. If you’re consuming a meal replacement shake regularly, it’s unlikely you’ll get anywhere near that expiration date! But, if you toss a serving into your desk, work bag, and gym bag, you know that you’ve got a healthy, portable meal anytime you need. You don’t have to worry about it expiring before you consume it!

And, when you do run out, it’s easy to order more. You can sign up for recurring deliveries or simply order online when you’re ready!

9: Helps You Lose Weight Faster

As you can see by now, meal replacement shakes have a ton going for them. They’re quick and easy to prepare, offer complete nutrition, and can be taken on-the-go. And along with that, they can be a major part of your weight loss plan.

Research has found that meal replacement shakes can help you to feel full while consuming fewer calories

Other studies have found that replacing one to two meals per day with a meal replacement shake can help with weight loss. The numbers don’t lie! One study found that people following a meal replacement plan lost 5.6 more pounds in three months than those following a food-based, calorie-restrictive diet.

If you’re looking to lose weight while getting the nutrition you need, a 310 meal replacement shake might be just what you need.

10: Cost-Effective

Finally, trying a new product requires an investment — but we try to make your initial investment as affordable as possible. To get started, you can get our starter kit, which includes a serving of four flavors, a shaker bottle, and a $10 gift card. You get all that for just $9.

Then, if you choose to continue on with a successful weight loss or healthy lifestyle plan using 310 Shakes, it will cost you less than a fast food meal, per meal. For $68 you get 28 servings, which comes out to just $2.42 per meal!

Whatever your unique health goals are, meal replacement shakes can be an important part of a well-balanced diet. We all lead busy, hectic lives and sometimes cooking a fresh, healthy, home-cooked meal just isn’t possible. 

With the best meal replacement shakes like 310 Shakes, you can get the complete nutrition of a wholesome meal and do it while you’re on-the-go… making healthy living and losing weight simple, fun, and delicious!

Written by:

Page Grossman

Yoga Instructor | Nutrition Enthusiast

Page Grossman is a writer, editor, and RYT-500 yoga instructor. Page uses her research skills, knowledge of nutrition, and storytelling abilities to create interesting, easy-to-read articles. She combines knowledge of nutrition, mental health, and fitness for a holistic view of health and wellness. You can find her articles on the [...]

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